Kiwi Jr.: From P.E.I. to Toronto, Crafting Jangly Indie Rock

Kiwi Jr.: From P.E.I. to Toronto, Crafting Jangly Indie Rock

The indie rock band Kiwi Jr. is Toronto-based but P.E.I.-raised. All four members—Jeremy Gaudet, Brian Murphy, Mike Walker and Brohan Moore—hail from the red island, but connected in the GTA.

“There are a lot of people from the east coast here in the city, and you kind of run into people from home a lot. There’s quite a crew of people from P.E.I. and Nova Scotia that make up most of my social circle,” says Gaudet. 

The transplanted foursome have been making jangly music together since 2016, with their last album, Chopper, coming out just last fall.

Known for their witty, winding, sharp lyrics, Gaudet says, “The new album has a lot of film references that just kind of seeped in, which was unplanned. There was a lot of recontextualizing of characters and plotlines, bringing them into our own songs, just to see what would happen. It keeps things from being boring and generalized. 

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“And this was the first album that really in a significant way used synthesizers and more keys in general. It was just something we wanted to play around with,” he says. “The sound changes a little bit between each album, but it isn’t always a super-hard stamp, saying, ‘This record is going to sound like this.’ I like to go in and see where the sound takes you.”

With short runs in Europe and South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, over the past few months, Gaudet says, “We’re just sort of wrapping up kind of the main part of promoting the record. We have some festival shows in the summer coming up.”

Gaudet says they’re already working on the next project. “We put out three records in four years, which is a lot. We just like to be busy.”

Keep tabs on the band and their upcoming shows at and @kiwijr.