Blundstone launch all-new women's high heel series.

Blundstone launch all-new women's high heel series.

Hobart, Tasmania – Iconic Tasmanian brand Blundstone has been making boots for women since 1870 and their world-renowned reputation for comfortable and durable boots reaches new heights with the all-new Women’s High Heel series.

Leveraging the brand’s 153 years’ worth of boot-making experience Blundstone has delivered an uncompromisingly comfortable high-heeled boot that caters to those looking for a head-turning, elevated look from Blundstone.

Blundstone’s Joint-CEO Adam Blake says that by drawing on our long history of creating boots for women, the all-new Women’s High Heel delivers on the durability, comfort, and timeless style that are the hallmarks of Blundstone’s DNA.

“We’ve put boots on women working on the factory floor, on the front line, on the march, on the dancefloor, on the tools, and on the catwalk. Now we’re building on our long history of making boots for women and raising the bar with our new Women’s High Heel range”, says Blake. 

People have always worn our boots for a purpose, to do something. They’re not made for sitting still. And our High Heel boot are no different.”

Blundstone 3" High Heel

Joe Carfora, Blundstone’s Global Range Manager for Leisure says a continued focus on putting consumers front and centre and the ever-expanding audience base of Blundstone boot lovers also helped inspire the new designs.

“The Women’s Series has attracted a new audience to the brand and this range extension caters for those that are looking for a new structure and take on our classic silhouette.”

Our quality leather standards and finishes in colours that reflect trans-seasonal trends suitable for year-round wear and our iconic styling allows the flexibility to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.”

“Special attention was given to heel height and shape in the design, as well as the footbed to maximize comfort, support, and stability for day-to-day wearability.”

Featuring all the trademark quality materials of the brand’s existing Women’s Heel series that completely sold out in its launch in 2017, the all-new High Heel taps into Blundstone’s Comfort System and XRD® Technology to make these boots a breeze to stride out in and keep people on their feet throughout the day and well into the night.

The premium weatherproof leather used across the upper of this series also provides protection from the elements, natural breathability, and comfort that only the highest quality leather can provide.

The all-new Women’s High Heel comes in two colourways, the #2365 Black, #2366 Brown and will be available online and instore in August 2023.